Race Withdrawals


Cancellations of a registration and refunds are only accepted without penalty till December 31 st 2016. After this period only replacement of athletes on a team will be accepted without any associated costs.
Only the athletes registered on the first period of registrations, have the right to request cancellation of the registration and the refund of the full amount if the team request cancellation till December 31st 2016, at the end of first period of registrations. To all athletes that request the cancellation after January 1st 2017, will not be refunded the total amount of the registration.
If after the set deadline the teams want to proceed to the cancellation of the registration the following fees will be applied:

  • For the period between January 1st to January 31st, the associated fee to the cancelation will be 100 € by athlete;
  • For the period between February 1st to March 31st, the associated fee to the cancelation will be of 70% of the total amount paid by the athlete;
  • After March 31st no cancellations will be accepted, neither refunds will be done.
To any additional clarifications please contact us to: geral@portugalmtb.com.


Only the athletes with their registration confirmed (paid) will be able to change/swap an athlete from a team without any additional cost till February 28th 2017.
For the period between February 28th to March 31st the associated fee to change/swap an athlete is 75 €. After April 1st no changes/swaps will be accepted.