Viseu its the only Portuguese district which do not does border nor with the sea neither with Spain.
Placed in the countrys north center region its one of the hilliest districts, belonging to it the following saws: Lapa (953 meters), Leomil (1008 meters), Caramulo (1071meters), Gralheira (1116 meters) and Montemuro (1382 meters).

To know this area, nothing better than a tour between the houses, villas and wine cellars of the Dão Wine Route. Consider the best Portuguese city to live, has a very rich history. With so many motives to visit it, add to richness of the region, the excellence gastronomy, standing out the Caldo Verde soup, the veal courses, Carqueja rice, lamprey, duck, roast codfish, with batatas a murro (potatoes) and the traditional Beiras sausages. The desserts are equally famous, with emphasis for the ones done mostly by eggs.

Get adventurous by the streets, discover alleys and lanes, and find out a market of colors and aromas, lose yourself by the squares and fonts and rest in one of the inviting gardens of the ancient city, mistress of majestic monuments and endless architectural beauties.

Tourist Attractions

Cava do Viriato | City and Doors Wall | Fontelo | Viseu Cathedral