The beautiful village of Vouzela, county seat, stays in the nice region of Beira Alta, in the fertile area of Lafões, enchanted by his natural beauty, patrimony and ancient history. Amoung all, stand out the amazing landscapes of Mata do Castelo located above 3 kilometers of the village and approximately 520 meters of altitude, considered by many, the most beautiful viewpoint of Beira Alta region.
The Penoita forest represents one of the most natural values and the most interesting place of Vouzela. From the 1070 meters of altitude you can found the highest point of Vouzela village. Called Ventoso hill its a high value scenery location. Once in Vouzela start a flavors journey and try de dry soup feature of Alcofra and the Lafões veal.

Finally sweeten your mouth with the delicious Vouzela cakes. Vouzela was once a deeply agrarian region, which has in the linen, the wicker and the wool one of its subsistence means, and therefore their most famous festivities are the Castle Feast and the Handicraft Fairy of Vouzela.

Tourist Attractions

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