PORTUGAL MTB organization make available in this area some frequent questions to clarify possible doubts. If the answer you are looking for are not here, please contact us.

Amateurs and professionals, that have 19 years or more, that are healthy and have the preparation necessary to an event with this features.
Not in the competitive sense of the race. PORTUGAL MTB is a team event (2 athletes) and as a competition only exists in that way. Do you like to participate alone, in a recreational sense and out of the competition? Know how, contact us to geral@portugalmtb.com.
In total will be 6 days of competition, that iniciates with a prologue, followed by 5 stages in line.
The Edition of Portugal MTB is limited to the maximum number of 150 team registrations in a total of 300 athletes.
Click on SiGNUP and fill all the required fields with your personal data. After you create your personal account you will receive an e-mail to confirm your athlete account. To do your registration in the Edition you have to authenticate your account and login (icon in the superior corner of the screen) in your reserved area and complete your registration.
The athlete’s account is personal and reserved to the athlete itself. After each athletes of the same team create their own personal accounts, confirm it, they can complete their team registration and choose the pack that suits better to the team. The first athlete of the same team to complete is registration first will have to choose and create the team’s name, the second to complete his registration will only select the existent team already created by his team mate and not create another one.
No. To complete your registration on the race, you will have to create first your personal reserved area, after you receive a confirmation e-mail to validate your account and then you can login in your reserved area and complete your registration.
No. To ensure your team registration on the Edition of PORTUGAL MTB, both athletes have to create separate reserved athletes areas, fill the required fields, choose the pack desired (the pack choose by athletes of the same team, must be the same) and proceed to the payment and sending their proof of payment to geral@portugalmtb.com.
In your personal reserved area, you can download it there. You should print it, fill it up, sign it and send it to geral@portugalmtb.com.
Yes, every single athlete should be responsible by their own physical condition and have the preparation necessary to an event with the features of PORTUGAL MTB. As so the organization require to all athletes that be responsible about their physical condition consequently is mandatory the signature of this document and to submit it to the organization. You can send it to geral@portugalmtb.com.
Yes. To participate you to participate you have to have at least 19 years old, made till December 31st at the current year that the event take place.